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Staff & Leaders

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Sunday School Teacher

missionary Sandy madison

What do Sunday school mean to me? Sunday school is so important to me because it has been essential to me in learning about the work of God. I remember being mesmerized and in awe about the word of the Lord. The ability that God had given the teachers inspired me. To plant your foundation on solid ground we need Sunday school. It is necessary and expedient to learn of the Lord; you will be eternally grateful.
Sunday School Teacher

Missionary caroline quintanilla

What does Sunday school means to me? Sunday school is very important to new & seasoned believers. It is a time set aside where the teacher picks apart & dissects each Bible verse to give the students, young & old, a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  Sunday school helps to strengthen us & equips us with power as we apply God’s Word to our daily lives. It increases our faith & helps us to navigate through this Earth in victory…
Sunday School Teacher

Mother Lois Currington

Sunday school is where the Word of God is taught by teachers that are called, and ordained by God, and filled with God’s Spirit to impart God’s knowledge to his people for their Spiritual growth.  It is also one of the tools used in the church to inspire, to encourage and to give understanding of God’s Word for the up building of the church. On a personal note:  Sunday school is very important to me because this is where I began to learn…

Rosie daggs

What do Sunday school mean to me? Sunday school is about teaching the words of God from Genesis to Revelation in the spirit of the lord. Because the word tell me to Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not a ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth the words help us to grow in him and to learn of him than he can plant seed in others. The words help us to love God, fear God, and obey God commandment. Help to…
Chief Executive Officer

Bishop, Dr. C.E. Daggs

Bishop, Dr. C.E. Daggs (Chief Executive Officer) – Quick Info: Pending